The Shine Project

Hello Blog Readers,

     One day after work I walked around center city to find something to do. I noticed a boutique named Lou Lou on 13th and Walnut. They had an array of trendy accessories and I immediately noticed the Shine Project section. I’ve never heard of it before but I was attracted to the handwritten name on each of the jewelry’s paper card holder.

What is the Shine Project? 

Founder, Ashley LeMieux was a college student working at an inner city high school where she met students that didn’t have the financial resources to go to college. She raised money through her blog called the Shine Project. She was able to give away 7 scholarships. She took it one step further and started to employ the first few scholarship recipients. She taught herself to make bracelets and then taught the students and after a week they were all sold out. Students are employed by Threads by The Shine Project to craft hand made jewelry and sign their name on them. 

The Shine Project is an inspiring story whether you are a cosumer, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a student without access to education. It’s truly rewarding to wear something that reminds you that you’ve helped a student go to college. I wanted to share this organization to you and hope you decide to support them too. Learn more here.

You can shop online or check our Lou Lou boutique yourself to support to small businesses. 



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