The return of the turtleneck

So I didn’t think I would wear a turtleneck top again. It reminds me of the embarrassing late 90’s outfits that I was forced to wear. Styles are cycled and sooner or later bell bottoms will be cool again. (Yikes)

So I decide to buy this Old Navy turtleneck sweater. It is now on sale for $17.97.


So I tried four different ways to wear this sweater. It turns out that the sweater is pretty versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down. Use a vest, a peacoat, a statement necklace, or a blazer to wear with the sweater. I kept it simple without using too many patterns because I wanted my accessories to stand out.


I want to try it with a denim jacket and a field jacket but maybe next time. What are some ways you would wear a turtleneck seater?


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