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Career Wardrobe Cocktail Reception & Auction featuring a limited Lilly Pulitzer pink bike

Every year Career Wardrobe hosts a Cocktail Reception & Auction. I was fortunate enough to attend this inspiring event. I got the chance to learn so much more about the growth of the organization and I was reminded of why I actively blog for this non-profit. They have helped 3,000 individuals and on they’re on the track to improving the lives of 6,000 people with their expansion. I’m so impressed with what they’ve accomplished so far and I’m excited to be a part of their mission to empower women and now men.

The event was held at the lovely Crystal Tea Room right above Macy’s in Center City on June 9th from 5:30-8:30pm. There were tables set up in the lobby area to sell items and to enter into a raffle from the Wardrobe Boutique.


  The silent auction items were displayed along the room organized by categories.

The spread was amazing and that wasn’t even half of the food.

Cocktail reception area.

So happy to attend the event with fellow blogger, Pri. We had to take a photo with the Lilly Pulitzer bike! Check out her blog at PaintTheTownChic.

Let the show begin…

The fashion show featured real clients and some local celebrities such as Rick Williams, Sue Serio, and Monique Braxton.


After the fashion show, the live auction began. The first one started with having lunch with the Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney.

There were so many great live auction items and of course it ended with the limited Lilly Pulitzer pink bike.

At the end of the night, Career Wardrobe raised thousands of dollars and it was fun to be a part of this event. They did a great job!



Q&A with PreppyNewEnglander

Hello blog readers,

I have a special guest blog post today featuring the epitome of preppy- Mr. T. Patrick! He was kind enough to answer five personal and five fashion related questions.

Q: ASL?…just kidding. What inspired you to create your preppy instagram account?

A: I just wanted to share my lifestyle- it truly is just me.

Q: Preppy is a lifestyle so what do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Stay active as possible, a daily walk on the beach and my family is most important.

Q: If you have to live anywhere else in the country, where would it be?

A: Newport,RI!

Q: Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?

A: Neil Armstrong, JFK and God

Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

A: That I do not own any black clothing.

Q: What is one thing you look forward to wearing this fall season?

A: Ah!! There’s so much! Barbour jackets Bean Boots.

Q: What is the first thing you notice about a woman’s outfit?

A: How timeless it is. I’m a sucker for classic pieces.

Q: What is your favorite pattern?

A: Anything tartan.

Q: What are some of your favorite quintessential preppy items?

A: Rep ties, loafers, shaggy dog sweaters with elbow patches. And belts! Lots of cool belts!

Q: What is your biggest fashion faux pas pet peeve?

A: Ripped jeans and women over doing their shoes. And non collard shirts.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed learning about one of my favorite preps. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram!!



Shopping made easy

Do you love a good sale but loathe searching for something in that messy clearance rack? Well I found this app that can save you time to find the right item!

Add your sizes, select your favorite brands and you can look through all of the items for sale from most online stores.

Download the ShopItToMe app here.


1. Add your size.


2. Select from your favorite brands.


3. Shop all of the sales from your favorite brands.


4. Add your favorite items and get price drop alerts!



The return of the turtleneck

So I didn’t think I would wear a turtleneck top again. It reminds me of the embarrassing late 90’s outfits that I was forced to wear. Styles are cycled and sooner or later bell bottoms will be cool again. (Yikes)

So I decide to buy this Old Navy turtleneck sweater. It is now on sale for $17.97.


So I tried four different ways to wear this sweater. It turns out that the sweater is pretty versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down. Use a vest, a peacoat, a statement necklace, or a blazer to wear with the sweater. I kept it simple without using too many patterns because I wanted my accessories to stand out.


I want to try it with a denim jacket and a field jacket but maybe next time. What are some ways you would wear a turtleneck seater?


Mad about Plaid

‘Tis the season to wear plaid right now and you might be sick of it but I’ll just quickly talk about my favorite plaid shirts for this season.



IMG_3431.JPG I really like the pattern on this J.crew factory shirt. It’s no longer available but I wasn’t so impressed with the material because it’s thin. However, I can always throw a sweater over it.

IMG_3432.JPGIMG_3141.JPG This shirt is from Uniqlo. This store has an amazing selection of flannel/ plaid shirts. Please check it out here. The original price was 29.90 but I got it for 19.90 since I was at their grand opening.

IMG_3433.JPG I’m in love with this bright red Old Navy plaid shirt. I first laid eyes on this shirt last season when my friend Monica had it. I waited a whole year for this to go back in stock. It’s actually on sale right now for 22 bucks. Or you can wait to shop at Old Navy on Sat. Nov. 22nd to get it 50% off when you use your old navy/gap card.

IMG_3434.JPG This is definitely my most favorite plaid shirt of the season. You already know why. Elbow patches! Yes, I know your grandfather wears elbow patches but I’ve always been a fan. I got the last of my size from H&M and it’s only 29.95.