Chinese Lantern Festival at Franklin Square

Philly is full of amazing cultural experiences. I had a great time at the Chinese Latern Festival. This was the first ever lantern festival in the Northeast US and it was clearly a success.

This lantern festival is a celebration of Spring so check it out by June 12th! 

I bought tickets online which was really convenient because there were no lines at the entrance. I was there at 7:45pm so I was there to see it in the light and dark. 

Main entrance:    

 This arch walkway was so cool to walk through. 


  You can’t have a Chinese lantern festival without pandas! (The panda on the swing actually moved)

 This amazing 200 ft dragon was the highlight of the festival. 




 The dragon garden is where you can sit down for Asian alcoholic beverages. :) 


I enjoyed my Thai iced tea during the festival. There are also a few vendors that sell food, toys, and other cool Chinese related goods such as hand painted fans and lanterns. 

I didn’t plan it but there was a show at 8:30. There were a few cool acts and this was dish spinning one was the most impressive! 

I enjoyed the festival more than I expected. The show made it worthwhile. I hope people can enjoy it before June 12th and if not, hope you’ve enjoyed my photos. 



Who Wore it Best Contest at Wardrobe Boutique

Hello blog readers,

  I’m promoting an event for Careeer Wardrobe. It’s a non-profit organization that helps women in transition by providing assistance with professional attire and resources. Wardrobe boutique is a resale store where proceeds benefit Career Wardrobe. 

To my local bloggers and shoppers, please come to the Wardrobe Boutique on May 28th between 3-6pm to shop and enter into the Who Wore it Best Contest. Simply post your outfit from Wardrobe Boutique and the person with the most likes will win a handbag. 


 Spotted some vintage Lilly Pulitzer today so I’m excited for the event on the 28th! Come out to shop and help empower women. 

Hiking in New Hampshire

I love exploring New England and of course Boston will always be my favorite city but it was time to try something new. 
Live free or die…

I mean really, I thought I was going to fall off of this mountain. It snowed the day before we go on this hike and I was not prepared at all considering I brought my mesh Nike sneakers with me (Fail). 

I didn’t know of any mountains in New Hampshire but I did see Facebook photos of my friend hiking the Welch-Dickey loop Trail. So I thought it would be good to check out. There’s also an awesome site that lists the top hikes in New England. It was easy to read so we soon realized that Welch-Dickey was a good pick. Obviously I couldn’t do anything too difficult and this trail was only 4.5 mile loop. 

It was difficult to get a good scenic photo from the Polaroid camera so I didn’t take too many.    

This trail had many great views. It was worth it even though I had to walk through the slippery snow. I can’t wait to try out other mountains and trails. 


Preppy in New York

Hello NYC, 

We have a love/hate relationship. I went to NYC for the weekend for my best friend’s birthday and stayed at the Lexington Hotel. Of course there are tons of things to do in New York and yes, shopping and eating were our top priorities. 

First stop: Brunch at the Lexington Brass. Great food but mediocre service. 

  Drinking a bellini is a great way to start the day. Cheers.

  I had the smoked salmon eggs benedict with caviar. #fancy

  All great food! 

We went shopping on 5th avenue then went over to the 9/11 Memorial musuem. Here’s a tip: buy your ticket online in advanced. The ticket booth lines were ridonkulous. 

There’s not much to say because you have to experience it for yourself. It’s a must see. Warning: wear waterproof mascara and bring a handkerchief. It was very crowded but it didn’t phase me. The heartfelt emotion will effect you no matter what. #neverforget

We went shopping again and I went to Vineyard Vines where I bought a VV New york t-shirt.

Then off to dinner at a Filipino restaurant called Maharlika. I recommend the spam fries and taro cheesecake. Ah-mazeballs. 
  Wishing this beaut the happiest birthday! After dinner we went to a lounge where Pusha-T was performing. (I had no idea who he was at the time haha)

The next day we went to brunch and walked around the Rockefeller Center. I didn’t know NYC was so big on Easter because they closed off parts of 5th avenue to celebrate it.



 This seersucker trench coat is made by Tommy Hilfiger from Marshalls for $70. If you can’t find it at your local Marshalls, you can get it from Macy’s for $179.50.

 We concluded our trip by eating macarons from Bouchon Bakery in front of the ice skating rink.

Great weekend with my friends. Until we meet again New York… 



Prom-O-Roma sneak peek! 

Hello readers! 
        I’m so proud to say that I’m officially a Wardrobe Boutique ambassador. Wardrobe Boutique is my favorite non-profit organization and I’m excited to embark on this new opportunity to share the latest info about their organization and upcoming events! 

 Wardrobe Boutique is having an event this Saturday, 2/27/16 to kick-off Prom-O-Rama from 11-6pm! 

Sneak peek: 


About the event:
– There are over 150 new and gently used prom dresses

– The first 20 people to purchase will receive a gift bag (jewelry, tuxedo rental coupon, and more)

– Career Wardrobe has opened a Crowdrise page- so for every $1,000 raise, they will give 5 dresses away for free! If they reach $5,000 they will donate 5 Dream packages to which will include, dress, hair, nails, and even transportation. 

Check out the page:

Please share this with anyone you know that would either benefit from the low-cost prom dresses or if you want to donate your dress and/or money for the opportunity to help someone’s prom dream come true! 

Hope to see my local readers at the event! I’ll be there at 11 am to take photos. 


Treat Yo self Galentine’s Day!

I combined two of my favorite events from Parks and Rec:

Galentine’s Day and Treat Yo Self day. 

I figured why not do something that would be fun, relaxing, and serves as a reminder to put yourself first. It’s a Spa Party!

My gal pals and I had brunch, mimosas, lots of chocolate and other treats in addition to a manicure, pedicure, and a facial station.   

 Let’s start with the party favors.

Kate Spade Treat Yourself gift bags were perfect for this occasion. I believe they were on sale last year. I bought a mini manicure kit for each person to use today and take it home. 


The spread: 
My friend Liza made Treat yo self cookies! 

I had a waffle bar to channel my inner Leslie Knope. 


The gold sequince tablecloth is the best thing I’ve purchased in a while. I got it from Amazon. 

 Then we drink wine and mimosas! 


  I got this awesome brass bar cat for $50 at a vintage store. 

That’s me drinking from the jumbo size wine glass that I bought from Ross for only $10. 

 Station #1: Facial 

Girlfriends indulged in facial masks, pore stripes, and facial wipes with a vanity mirror to take home.

Station 2: Mani&Pedi   

From paraffin to nail power file, the mani station for two was eqipped with everything you would need for a great manicure. 


  The pedicure station had two chairs and two feet spa massager. Thanks to my co-worker, there was even two remote controlled chair massager cushions. 


 Items at station 2:

-nail files 

-nail buffers


-bath salts 

-nail polish 

-hand lotion

-foot scrubs and more…

I want to thank all of my friends for coming to the Galentine’s Day Spa party! I hope you all remember to Treat Yo Self! Galentine’s Day is a great time to reflect and celebrate being a woman.




Wardrobe Boutique’s VIP shopping event

Hello Readers, 

   On Saturday, Jan. 30th the Wardrobe Boutique hosted another great shopping event. Shoppers enjoyed wine, cheese, and other delicious goodies. Shoppers also received $20 off $50. Anyone that made a purchase or donated clothes was entered into a raffle to win an adorable Tiffany&Co bow jewelry box. 

Check out some photos from the event. Don’t miss out on the next event to support this amazing philanthropic organization and have fun at the same time. 

The lovely staff members of the Boutique! Stop by and meet the new boutique manager, Marieta. (middle)

Wine and cookies?… Yes please.

 You can’t have enough accessories and shoes.



  Met a fellow local blogger. Check out


 A lucky winner will take this jewelry box home! 

Don’t miss out on the next event. Make sure you subscribe and visit their website at The Wardrobe Boutique.



Galentine’s Day invite

Ladies, it’s about that time again…

I’m hosting my 2nd annual Galentine’s Day party! 
Last year, I made scratch off invites and this year, I used a balloon invite. I got the idea and the printables from Pinterest. 

What you will need: 

1. Printable blow up and pop background

2. Your actual invite

3. Balloon 

4. Sequins/confetti 

5. Cardstock paper -for background 

6. Decorated tape

Print out the background and paste it onto card stock paper. Then print and roll up your small invite into the balloon. Add confetti but not too much that it might annoy your friends. Tape the balloon on the invite and you’re done. 

This year’s theme is Treat Yo’ Self. Love yourself before you can love anyone else. 

So that means… 

SPA party. 

Remember Galentine’s day is for ladies to celebrate ladies and empower each other while having a good time. More details to come



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