Daily beauty essentials

Someone asked me to blog about my daily beauty essentials. So here it is….

Beauty products in my make up bag that I can’t live without:  

1) BB cream – Smashbox $42.00 

I bought this BB cream from Ulta after spending about 30 minutes testing the different creams. I’ve tested foundation and other products but the BB cream was the best for me. It made me glow and covered my blemishes. 

2) Bronzer – Tarte Park Avenue Princess $30

I was always a fan of NARS but I wanted to try something different. This bronzer is long lasting and blended so well with my BB cream color so I had to get it. 

3) Brush – Ecotools $5.08

This brush is great. I use it to apply my BB cream. It’s soft but stiff enough to blend the BB cream. 

4) Hairbrush – Wet brush $6.98

This is a MUST HAVE. I bought this at a hair salon one day for $15. I love it because it gets through my tangled dead hair. It made it soft and less painful to brush. I recommended it to my friend and she said that her hair doesn’t fall out anymore! This to go brush is perfect for those mid-day touch ups. I found this mini one for $4 at Marshalls.

5) Lip balm – Revlon Matte Balm 225 Sultry $8.99

I am obsessed with Revlon’s lip balm. I have almost every color. I’ve never tried the matte before because I didn’t want my lips to look dry. However, this matte color moistens the lips and stays long. You can find it cheaper at Target.  

6) Perfume – Ralph Lauren Big Pony Pink #2 $21

I love the sweet smell of this perfume. It’s the perfect size to fit almost every purse. 

What are your favorite beauty products ?



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