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Chinese Lantern Festival at Franklin Square

Philly is full of amazing cultural experiences. I had a great time at the Chinese Latern Festival. This was the first ever lantern festival in the Northeast US and it was clearly a success.

This lantern festival is a celebration of Spring so check it out by June 12th! 

I bought tickets online which was really convenient because there were no lines at the entrance. I was there at 7:45pm so I was there to see it in the light and dark. 

Main entrance:    

 This arch walkway was so cool to walk through. 


  You can’t have a Chinese lantern festival without pandas! (The panda on the swing actually moved)

 This amazing 200 ft dragon was the highlight of the festival. 




 The dragon garden is where you can sit down for Asian alcoholic beverages. :) 


I enjoyed my Thai iced tea during the festival. There are also a few vendors that sell food, toys, and other cool Chinese related goods such as hand painted fans and lanterns. 

I didn’t plan it but there was a show at 8:30. There were a few cool acts and this was dish spinning one was the most impressive! 

I enjoyed the festival more than I expected. The show made it worthwhile. I hope people can enjoy it before June 12th and if not, hope you’ve enjoyed my photos. 



Prom-O-Roma sneak peek! 

Hello readers! 
        I’m so proud to say that I’m officially a Wardrobe Boutique ambassador. Wardrobe Boutique is my favorite non-profit organization and I’m excited to embark on this new opportunity to share the latest info about their organization and upcoming events! 

 Wardrobe Boutique is having an event this Saturday, 2/27/16 to kick-off Prom-O-Rama from 11-6pm! 

Sneak peek: 


About the event:
– There are over 150 new and gently used prom dresses

– The first 20 people to purchase will receive a gift bag (jewelry, tuxedo rental coupon, and more)

– Career Wardrobe has opened a Crowdrise page- so for every $1,000 raise, they will give 5 dresses away for free! If they reach $5,000 they will donate 5 Dream packages to which will include, dress, hair, nails, and even transportation. 

Check out the page:

Please share this with anyone you know that would either benefit from the low-cost prom dresses or if you want to donate your dress and/or money for the opportunity to help someone’s prom dream come true! 

Hope to see my local readers at the event! I’ll be there at 11 am to take photos. 


Christmas @ Washington Crossing

On Christmas Day in 1776, Washington led his troops on a daring attack across the Delaware River. 

I decided to do something different this year and participated in this free re-enactment to commemorate this event along with hundreds of people. The event started at 1:00pm but I got there by 12:10. The parking lots were full and people started to park anywhere. I arrived just in time to get a good view. I recommend to go early for a good spot and you might want to bring a chair and your best camera. 

Check out my photos:    


I hope everyone had a great Christmas celebration! 



Kendra Scott Favorites

Hey readers! 

I’m posting about my favorite Kendra Scott jewelry. My choices are the Elle and the Dani earrings and the Elisa necklace. 

The Danielle earrings are the most popular but it was too heavy for my ear lopes. The Elle is just perfect for me. These styles are simple and classic for most occasions. I use this guide from Nordstrom before I make my online purchase. 

I want to try the Ellie earrings next and they’re on sale for less than $34 here



(Dani) – a little smaller with a different shape but put perfect for a casual outfit. 

I didn’t think I would like the Elisa necklace because it was too small but it’s actually a great everyday necklace. 

Elle earrings with Elisa necklace:  


Thanksgiving food delivery

It’s the holiday to give thanks as we spend time with family and friends. I had the opportunity to volunteer at one of my favorite organizations, City team ministries with my mentor and friends. With the help from many volunteers, they delivered over 900 food boxes and turkeys to needy families in the area. 

I hope this will remind you to be thankful for something in your life. I’m truly blessed just to be alive and healthy! I’ve had an interesting year but I thank God for providing me the means to have a great life. I wish you all a great holiday and remember to give THANKS! 

For more information on how to get involved with City team, visit –



Birthday Celebration

Let’s celebrate and ignore how old I am turning! All of my friends know that I always do something different and sometimes purposeful each year. This year I’m hosting my birthday at my favorite place to volunteer Wardrobe Boutique. 

Wardrobe Boutique is a high end resale store where you can donate and/or consign your clothes. All of the proceeds benefit Career Wardrobe. Career Wardrobe help empower women by providing free professional clothes for women in need. 

If you live in the Philadelphia/metropolitan area, please stop by and drop off donations and/or shop. All of my guests will receive 20% off. You’ll get the opportunity to learn more about the organization and ways to get involved. Wine and cheese will be provided. 

Hope to see you all there!   



Reading is fundamental – Book bub

I know I haven’t blogged in a while but between work and school I’ve been so busy. Hopefully it’ll slow down soon. I was at work the other day and a colleague walked in and mentioned a free service to help you find free and affordable ebooks.  

So to all of my bookworms, try Book Bub. It will simply send you email alerts for both free and discounted ebooks that will match your interest! You can download it to any device. Happy reading!  



Q & A

So I’ve been nominated by Kelsey @ Young Wild Wife to answer a few questions! Thanks for the tag and I hope everyone will learn a little bit more about me.


1. What was the inspiration that led you to start your blog?

To be honest, my brother suggested that I should create one. I’ve always thought about it but one day we were at the mall and he told me he would help me and he actually did. So he inspired me. (Ew)

2. What is your favorite aspect of blogging?

I love being able to share my ideas or inspire someone’s outfit. I like to believe that I’m creative so my DIY projects can influence others to do their own or even help someone style their clothes differently.

3. What is one of your New Year’s Resolutions? How are you doing so far?

I never keep them so I just avoid them all together.

4. What inspires you?

Other bloggers of course! Everyone is so friendly and helpful to help me find exactly what I want or need.

5. What is your favorite place you’ve ever visited and why?

My favorite city is definitely Boston because of the collegiate environment, the wicked awesome people, the rich history, and the plethora of amazing clothing stores.

6. What, besides blogging, are you passionate about?

I’m a political junkie. I love government, politics and I’m currently pursing my Master in Public Administration.

7. Where have you travelled lately?

I was just in Boston this past weekend but I’ll be back this summer.

8. Muffin or donut?

Donut- for no real reason.

9. What is your favorite book?

Good question, I’m not a typical reader. I love reading biographies, books on politics, and history. I would say, I loved…

Pearls, Politics, and Power- Madeleine Kinin
Bossy Pants- Tina Fey

10. What is your favorite piece in your closet?

Right now, I would say it would have to be my herringbone Jcrew vest. It’s warm, versatile, and easy to wear.

11. Where is your favorite place to shop?

I have many favorite stores but I really like H&M because I can always find something cute and affordable for either work, home, or for going out.