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A local preppy store

Quelque Chose is my new favorite store. I didn’t think a store like this exsited  near me but I’m so excited to have found this preppy store. 

This store is located in chestnut hill for all of my local readers. It has all my favorite brands such as Vineyard Vines, KJP, Lilly Pulitzer, and more. 

I was there the other day and all of their Lilly was 40% off! So why wait in line if you can just go to this cute store and get the latest Lilly at a discount. They even had a 50 dollar rack with older Lilly stuff. That’s where I bought those lobstah roll shorts for $30!

 Don’t mind the naked mannequin. I bought the dress right off of it.    

   Incredible sale!    This was the only section that was not 40% off.   This is what I tried on and more. 



I’ll be back for sure so check them out! 



Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale

Hi everyone, 

So, you might’ve heard of this Lilly Warehouse sale. I’ve never been to it even though I’m like 30-40 minutes from Oaks, PA. I’m not a fan of crowds but I wanted to just experience it. I didn’t camp in front of target for the lilly release either. If I want something, I’m sure I’ll find it. I always find discounted lilly at the thrift store, on poshmark, or at their KOP store. 

It was the last day so I decided to go. It opened at 8 and I arrived around 7:20. There were at least 200 people in front of me. Time went by fast and I didn’t think I was going to get in right away but I was shopping by 8:10. They kept the line moving which was great. 

I went straight for the dresses pass all of the sweaters and cardigans. I knew what I wanted already. There were plenty of small sizes but not many M-L left. The fitting room was interesting, it was like a girl’s locker room. I was pretty calm and I took my time. I didn’t need to push and everyone was nice. It’s not as crazy as the media made it out to be. I left by 9:15 and by that time there wasn’t really a line. There were plenty of stuff. Granite, I’m sure there were more scarves and accessories on the first day which I wasn’t surprise about. Prices are decent, dresses were $69-89, shorts were $50, and shirts varied. 

I definitely recommend finding out through social media whether or not to go. Look up the hashtag lillywhs, or like their facebook page for instant updates. I saw other people’s haul and I knew what I wanted. I thought it was worth it but only because I don’t live too far. I do think the August online sale is better. Thanks to my fellow bloggers for giving me a heads up because I knew what to expect and I wasn’t disappointed. I hope you all had a good time and got some good stuff. As for those out of towners, I hope you all spent some time in Philadelphia. 





Tusk in Sun dress by Lilly Pulitzer outfit ideas

This CHRISTIE V-NECK T-SHIRT DRESS by Lilly Pulitzer is my new favorite dress. It’s comfortable, light weight, and versatile. 


 I bought an XS and I’m about 5’3 if this helps with sizing.

  Here are some outfit ideas for this dress.

Skirt: You can dress it down by wearing something flowy or dress it up with a pencil skirt. Make sure your skirt is longer than the dress. 

Cardigan: Add some color with a bright cardigan and wear it either buttoned up or not. This would be a great casual outfit for class especially with a Vineyard vines tote.

Buttoned shirt: I really like the way this light pink shirt goes with the color of this dress. I like the rolled up sleeve look with the way I tie the bottom of the shirt. This is a perfect outfit for brunch or even an evening out.    

Vest: You can still wear this dress in the fall by adding a vest and riding boots. 

How do you style your Tusk in Sun dress? 




Seersucker will never go out of style and it’s perfect for summer like weather. 



 I bought my dress last year from the Gap but you can find a similiar dress here


Wardrobe Boutique

It was a preppy Teppy takeover at the boutique. I volunteered again yesterday and I had the opportunity to style the mannequins since their prom event was over. I’ve never done this before but I definitely have a new appreciation for retail workers. It’s not easy finding the right pieces to put together. 

Check out the before and after photos:   


Country club prep

Hey guys! 

Are you prepared for spring? Get your preppy items shipped for free from country club prep. Check out my favorite items from the store and comment for promotional information to save a few bucks. If you’re an ambassador too, show some love. :) 

1. The Corbin Dress in Mint Seersucker by Lauren James 

2. Women’s Avery Natural Loafer by Sperry Top-Sider 

3. Pen Set by Lilly Pulitzer 

4. Jade Butterfield Bracelet by Kiel James Patrick

5. Nantucket Gold Sandal in Midnight and Gold by Jack Rogers 

6. Pointe Prep Cap in Mint Green Seersucker by Lauren James 

7. Tumbler with Straw in Navy Trippin’ and Sippin’ by Lilly Pulitzer 

Career Wardrobe

Attention all frugal fashionistas:

Do you want to find great deals on high end brands and also empower women at the same time? Keep reading…

So you may or may not know this about me but I’m a philantropist at heart. I give my undergrad experience all of the credit. It took me a while to find the right organization to be passionate about and I stumbled on this organization via Instagram! 

So Wardrobe Boutique is an upscale resale store where proceeds will benefit Career Wardrobe. This non-profit organization provides free professional clothing and career search support. They empower women by giving them the confidence to find a job through something as simple as an interview outfit. 

So I encourage all of you fashionistas to help this generous organization by donating your clothes, your time, or by shopping at their boutique or on their website. The employees are friendly and welcoming. They have several volunteer opportunities such as retail or dressing assistant, resume reviewer, event volunteer, and more. I look forward to my next shift.

Here is my preppy outfit pick from the boutique. (Vintage Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers) 

They have dresses, tops, shoes, handbags, skirts, jewlery, and more! 

Some racks are dedicated to specific brands such as J.crew, Ann Taylor, Loft, and Banana Republic. 

This section is dedicated to the clients for finding the right clothes for an interview.

DIY pearl and ribbon necklace

Do you ever think that your jewelry could use a little update? For me I have tons of the same pearl necklaces. So by adding a ribbon, it can really add some flair.

Things you’ll need:
1) Long pearl necklace (preferably something without a clasp)
2) Any color ribbon (.5-2in)
3) Scissors


My necklace has a chain and clasp so I had to cut it off and tie the necklace together.


Take your necklace and wrap it around twice or as many times as you like. It depends on how long your necklace is.


Next, take your ribbon (.5-1in will work best) and tie it to one end of the necklace. And cut about 15-20in for each side.


Repeat on the other side then tie together!


Viola! It’s as simple as that.




Shopping made easy

Do you love a good sale but loathe searching for something in that messy clearance rack? Well I found this app that can save you time to find the right item!

Add your sizes, select your favorite brands and you can look through all of the items for sale from most online stores.

Download the ShopItToMe app here.


1. Add your size.


2. Select from your favorite brands.


3. Shop all of the sales from your favorite brands.


4. Add your favorite items and get price drop alerts!



Bowtiful outfit

I’m obsessed with anything off shoulder but an off shoulder shirt with a bow is the best thing ever.

Get my outfit details here!

Top: ASOS l Skirt: J.Crew Factory l Tights: J.Crew Factory

For sizing reference, the shirt and skirt are both size 4. I’m usually smaller on top but the size 4 shirt fits perfectly. So $59.00 is a lot to spend on a shirt but if you’re a student sign up for unidays and get 10% off at ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Toms, ModCloth, 15% off at Ann Taylor and more.

I’ve been using this for years and it’s free. Sign up here!


Thanks for reading!


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