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Bistro Set before and after

Hi folks,

Almost a year ago I bought a bistro set for $35 from an antique flea market. I finally decided to paint it! It turned out better than I expected. 


I started with the chairs. I had to sand them to smooth out the chipping black paint. After I wiped them down I sprayed two coats of the brass metallic paint. (It takes forever to dry and I used 3 cans total)  

 I wanted a pop of color so I also got a can of baby pink paint and did it for the rim of the table. 

I just need to buy pink floral seat cushions and it will be done! I love how paint can transform something into brand new. 



Treat Yo self Galentine’s Day!

I combined two of my favorite events from Parks and Rec:

Galentine’s Day and Treat Yo Self day. 

I figured why not do something that would be fun, relaxing, and serves as a reminder to put yourself first. It’s a Spa Party!

My gal pals and I had brunch, mimosas, lots of chocolate and other treats in addition to a manicure, pedicure, and a facial station.   

 Let’s start with the party favors.

Kate Spade Treat Yourself gift bags were perfect for this occasion. I believe they were on sale last year. I bought a mini manicure kit for each person to use today and take it home. 


The spread: 
My friend Liza made Treat yo self cookies! 

I had a waffle bar to channel my inner Leslie Knope. 


The gold sequince tablecloth is the best thing I’ve purchased in a while. I got it from Amazon. 

 Then we drink wine and mimosas! 


  I got this awesome brass bar cat for $50 at a vintage store. 

That’s me drinking from the jumbo size wine glass that I bought from Ross for only $10. 

 Station #1: Facial 

Girlfriends indulged in facial masks, pore stripes, and facial wipes with a vanity mirror to take home.

Station 2: Mani&Pedi   

From paraffin to nail power file, the mani station for two was eqipped with everything you would need for a great manicure. 


  The pedicure station had two chairs and two feet spa massager. Thanks to my co-worker, there was even two remote controlled chair massager cushions. 


 Items at station 2:

-nail files 

-nail buffers


-bath salts 

-nail polish 

-hand lotion

-foot scrubs and more…

I want to thank all of my friends for coming to the Galentine’s Day Spa party! I hope you all remember to Treat Yo Self! Galentine’s Day is a great time to reflect and celebrate being a woman.




DIY pearl and ribbon necklace

Do you ever think that your jewelry could use a little update? For me I have tons of the same pearl necklaces. So by adding a ribbon, it can really add some flair.

Things you’ll need:
1) Long pearl necklace (preferably something without a clasp)
2) Any color ribbon (.5-2in)
3) Scissors


My necklace has a chain and clasp so I had to cut it off and tie the necklace together.


Take your necklace and wrap it around twice or as many times as you like. It depends on how long your necklace is.


Next, take your ribbon (.5-1in will work best) and tie it to one end of the necklace. And cut about 15-20in for each side.


Repeat on the other side then tie together!


Viola! It’s as simple as that.




Accessorize your handbag

Do you have scarves or patterned handkerchieves laying around for no reason? I have a few that are too short to wrap around my neck but I’ve kept it just waiting for something to use it for. This might not be for everyone but I think tying it on your handbag can give your purse more character to express your individuality.

I put together a few examples of how you can accessorize your handbag using those scarves. Check out what you have and I think you can really make your purse your own. So I hope you guys find this useful or at least think about ways you can use those unused scarves.





Thanks for reading!


Christmas gift wrapping

Last minute christmas wrapping is my specialty. This will be my second time using blackboard wrapping paper. I never know what to write or draw. Any suggestions ?

Use recycled brown paper and buy blackboard paint. Make sure to let the first coat of paint dry before you put on the second one. Do it outside because the smell will give you a headache. I used regular chalk but I wish I had a chalk pen or a paint pen instead.




Paint night

The semester is over so I finally have time to work on some craft projects. I bought a spinning desk organizer from Home Goods but I didn’t like the color at all. I knew I wanted to paint it. I wasn’t sure if it would work but I’m really happy with the result. It’s crazy how much paint can change something!








I used the pearls from a necklace that broke. Maybe it was too much?

D.I.Y Preppy Wall Decor

Here’s a quick and simple DIY project for wall decor. I took an old frame and took the back out. I found a monogram sticker laying around (preppy girl problems) and put it on the glass. You can get any size monogram sticker and any size frame to do this.


I was even thinking about doing two of these and putting it in the opposite ends of my room. You can get a monogram sticker from Etsy and my frame was specifically from Home Goods.