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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish review

Gel polish without going to the salon? It sounds too good to be true considering I can’t get my polish to last for three days. I bought the set with the polish and top coat for under $20. See below to find out if it lasted up* to 14 days.







I didn’t wait to see what it would look like on the 14th day. I had to get rid of it before it got worse. So maybe the polish didn’t last for 14 days but it did last longer than your typical polish. It stayed shiny and the color didn’t fade. I do recommend buying this along with the top coat. I definitely see the value in getting gel nails at the salon but this works if you’re too busy to go.

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Purchasing guide for L.L.Bean boots

You would think it would be simple to buy these boots but please read this before you make your purchase.

You have to decide which one you want.
Personally, I like the 6″ because I have big feet and the 8″ will not work for me. The 8″ is definitely better for places with a lot of snow but 6″ is perfect for a Philly resident.



The size is important. These boots run BIG. I’m usually a size 8 but I bought a size 7 wide and it fits perfectly even with camp socks. If you are between a size 6.5-7 buy a 6.

I know these are backordered but I got mine sooner than I thought. The most you can get these discounted would be either 10% or $10 off. I got the coupon from their catalog that I signed up for last year.

Make sure you pair these with J.crew camp socks!




Christmas gift wrapping

Last minute christmas wrapping is my specialty. This will be my second time using blackboard wrapping paper. I never know what to write or draw. Any suggestions ?

Use recycled brown paper and buy blackboard paint. Make sure to let the first coat of paint dry before you put on the second one. Do it outside because the smell will give you a headache. I used regular chalk but I wish I had a chalk pen or a paint pen instead.




Paint night

The semester is over so I finally have time to work on some craft projects. I bought a spinning desk organizer from Home Goods but I didn’t like the color at all. I knew I wanted to paint it. I wasn’t sure if it would work but I’m really happy with the result. It’s crazy how much paint can change something!








I used the pearls from a necklace that broke. Maybe it was too much?

A taste of New England in Philadelphia

I’m not a foodie by any means but I love to eat. I’m late but I wanted to share my delicious meal from last night.

My friend Judy and I decided to shop then eat at Luke’s Lobster on 17th street for dinner. The decor and the food was perfect for a cold winter night. I felt like I was in Maine. I recommend this place to everyone!




I had the Lobster grilled cheese with a side of Spicy Crab Bisque.

I love mason jars.

Weekend travel…


Everyone should own a duffle bag. If you are going away for the weekend then this is the perfect size. It makes packing a little more enjoyable. This bag in particular is the golf version. I love golf and vineyard so it was the perfect combination.

It was $90.00 but it’s out of stock for now. You can also buy the weekender bag for $228.00.




I bought those sunglasses for only $82.15 which is originally $130.00. I left it in the piperlime cart and the next day they offered 25% off. Then I used my $20 gap reward.


Monogram clutch

If you are wondering where I get all of my monogram anything, I get it from etsy.

This is my favorite item from etsy so far!

Comment if you want the direct link to the shop for this monogram clutch.


Jack Wills – Navy and Pink

I have to finish my paper but I just wanted to say how super excited I am because I can walk to Jack Wills after work. If you love the navy and pink color combo then you’ll love this store. It’s a preppy British store with cute clothes and accessories.