Macaron delights

Hey Ya’ll,

It’s time to treat yo self! I can’t get enough of these delicious french macarons. My favorite flavor is the roasted coconut. 

Satisfy your craving here for only $20. You can pick from a variety of unique flavors such as watermelon, black sesame, taro, and more. 

Flavors: Green Tea, Roasted Coconut, and Coffe. 

J.crew Factory Shopping Party

Last weekend I hosted a J.crew shopping party for my 21st birthday. Yes, I turned 21 again. 

Snacks while I shop? Yes, please.

Cue the champagne cupcakes-

So excited to shop the latest trends
The line up…

Enjoying seasonal cider as I try on my picks for the day.

The perfect way to start off my birthday celebration! 



PA Conference for Women

I’m so excited to attend this year’s PA Conference for Women on October 6th! Mindy Kaling will be one of the keynote speakers and I love her. In addition to great speakers, there will be an on-site clothing and accessory drive benefiting Career Wardrobe!

For more info:
Thursday October 6 7:30-5:30 – PA Conference for Women @ PA Convention Center – TICKETS – Career Wardrobe will serve as QVC’s sponsored nonprofit partner for the 2016 PA Conference for Women. They will have an on-site clothing and accessory drive, receive complimentary event passes, and receive promotion in the event guide and online.

Bistro Set before and after

Hi folks,

Almost a year ago I bought a bistro set for $35 from an antique flea market. I finally decided to paint it! It turned out better than I expected. 


I started with the chairs. I had to sand them to smooth out the chipping black paint. After I wiped them down I sprayed two coats of the brass metallic paint. (It takes forever to dry and I used 3 cans total)  

 I wanted a pop of color so I also got a can of baby pink paint and did it for the rim of the table. 

I just need to buy pink floral seat cushions and it will be done! I love how paint can transform something into brand new. 



Empowering Tea & Fashion Show

Hey blog readers!
As you all know I’m an ambassador for Career Wardrobe. It’s a non-profit organization that provides professional clothing to women in transition. They’re having another great event! Check out the deets:

The Empowering Tea & Fashion Show
Saturday, October 29th from 12-3pm
The Radnor Hotel – 591 Lancaster Avenue, Wayne

Please join Career Wardrobe for their annual Empowering Tea & Fashion show, and help us raise the support we need to help thousands of job seekers look and feel their best! To celebrate our expansion across Southeastern PA, this event will be held at the beautiful Radnor Hotel. Come enjoy the Boutique-inspired fashion show, enjoy an elegant afternoon tea, and help Career Wardrobe build connections in our new service are! The Auction sponsor is QVC!
If you sign up, you will get a complimentary closet-clean out AND donation pick up at your house.
Fashion Show partners are The Wardrobe Boutique and Louella Boutique.
Tickets and Sponsorship is available at

Tea Side2 copy

Top apps for your 20’s

Hello blog readers,

   Now that I’m in my late 20’s I’ve learned so much from my experiences and I’ve grown so much professionally and personally. I definitely give some credit to modern technology for helping along the way. I’ve never underestimated the value of technology especially as a millennial. There is an app for everything and I’ve used them as a tool to make adulting less painful. I have a list of my top apps that have helped me in all aspects of my life.
I hope you find any of these apps worthwhile!

1) CreditKarma- Most people have this app already but if you don’t you really need this thing. It will connect to every financial account under your name and you can see your credit scores for FREE.

2) Mint- In addition to CreditKarma, you can link all of your billing accounts you can set goals to pay off your student loans or credit card debt. You can see how long it’ll take you to pay off a certain account if you pay monthly. You’d be surprised how much faster you can pay off your debt with adding an additional $10 a month.

3) Do you have 3,000 unread emails from subscriptions? I know I do. will connect to your email account and and tell you how many subscriptions you have and asks you if you want to unsubscribe, keep it or send it to the roll where you can access it later instead of it going into your inbox. This is a great way to manage your email account but it may even help you resists those email alerts for retail sales when you’re trying to save up for that next vacation.

4) SKIMM- This is my friends’ favorite. Do you want to keep with current events but the news is depressing or boring? Yas, get SKIMM and every morning before work, you will get the chance to read a summary of today’s news in a witty, easy way to understand! So now you’ll have something to talk about in those awkward elevator moments.

5) Onmogul- This website is AMAZING. Ladies, this is a great one for you. If you have an entrepreneur spirit or even if you just need some encouraging words or stories to get you empowered, then this community is for you. There’s a discussion board but also a place to take classes! You can take classes from topics that range from personal finance to relationship advice for only $10/month.

6) Ebates- Are you an online shopping junkie? Buy online and get cash back. It sounds too good to be true but in reality, I’ve had this account for almost a year and it works! I think my next paycheck should be about $34. You can get anywhere from 2%-10% back in my purchase. When your check is ready, you can have them mail it to you or you can donate your earnings.

7) Poshmark- Yes, buy and sell clothes online. It’s a virtual thrift shop. So easy to use. I’ve made over $2,300 in sales over the past year and a half. Of course the more input, the more output you get from it. Sign up with code BFGQW to get $5 off your first order.

8) Camera+ Lighting is everything for the best result of a great photo. I’ve tried many apps to lighten my photos but I always come back to Camera+ because of their night, flash, and backlight options.

9) My Fitness Pal and MyPlate- My biggest challenge with my health is keeping this weight off. As you know, when you get older your metabolism slows down so it’s time to get eat right. I track my calories and it has been really helpful for me to understand what I’m consuming. I know my Fitness Pal is the more popular app but I like using MyPlate because of the simplistic interface.

You would think I would have a 10th one to make it even but I literally couldn’t think of anything else. Let me know what your favorite apps are.

How to be preppy on the golf course

Hello Blog Readers!

I’ve been meaning to this for a long time now so I’m sharing my tips on how to be preppy at the golf course. I’ve been golfing for a few years now and I’m finally getting the hang of it. Believe it or not but there are very few trendy golf lines for women. So hopefully my guide will help especially for beginners!

1. Top – I like to keep the top plain and simple but also light and dri-fit especially for those hot summer days. I use Nike or Lady Hagen tops you can find at Dick’s or any sporting store.

2. Bottoms- I need a pop of color so I usually go for bright colors and patterned bottoms. I typically wear bermuda shorts, skorts, or skirts. I like wearing any Lilly Pulitzer shorts or performance bottoms from Vineyard Vines. If you want trendy golf skirts check out Sydney Elizabeth.

3. Hat- I try to wear a hat as much as possible. I would typically wear Vineyard Vines, Titleist, or Nike. I like to wear a visor so it doesn’t mess up my hair. Always bring a hair tie and avoid white hates if possible. (unless you want it to turn green and yellow)

4. Sunglasses- I rock my raybans throughout the course. I like to wear them on my head when I swing because it actually helps me to keep my head down.

5. Shoes- It is very important to wear golf shoes. You can buy shoes with spikes buy them spikeless. I personally like the spikeless ones because they are more comfortable to me especially when you’re walking off the course and to your car. Nike has some awesome flyknit golf shoes but if you’re on a budget, FootJoy is a good brand.

6. Golf Balls- I don’t mind using any type of golf balls because I’m no pro but I do prefer the supersoft Callaway balls because they’re not too expensive. You can also customize titleist golf balls by putting your monogram on it.

7. Tees- I still get made fun of using these plastic tees because it’s such a newbie thing to use but they have lasted me many rounds without breaking!

8. Gloves- Gloves are so important. I have three pairs in my bag because they wear quickly especially the all white ones. Footjoy gloves have lasted the longest for me but if you want funky patterns, check out Gloveit.

Best of luck!




Career Wardrobe Cocktail Reception & Auction featuring a limited Lilly Pulitzer pink bike

Every year Career Wardrobe hosts a Cocktail Reception & Auction. I was fortunate enough to attend this inspiring event. I got the chance to learn so much more about the growth of the organization and I was reminded of why I actively blog for this non-profit. They have helped 3,000 individuals and on they’re on the track to improving the lives of 6,000 people with their expansion. I’m so impressed with what they’ve accomplished so far and I’m excited to be a part of their mission to empower women and now men.

The event was held at the lovely Crystal Tea Room right above Macy’s in Center City on June 9th from 5:30-8:30pm. There were tables set up in the lobby area to sell items and to enter into a raffle from the Wardrobe Boutique.


  The silent auction items were displayed along the room organized by categories.

The spread was amazing and that wasn’t even half of the food.

Cocktail reception area.

So happy to attend the event with fellow blogger, Pri. We had to take a photo with the Lilly Pulitzer bike! Check out her blog at PaintTheTownChic.

Let the show begin…

The fashion show featured real clients and some local celebrities such as Rick Williams, Sue Serio, and Monique Braxton.


After the fashion show, the live auction began. The first one started with having lunch with the Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney.

There were so many great live auction items and of course it ended with the limited Lilly Pulitzer pink bike.

At the end of the night, Career Wardrobe raised thousands of dollars and it was fun to be a part of this event. They did a great job!



The Shine Project

Hello Blog Readers,

     One day after work I walked around center city to find something to do. I noticed a boutique named Lou Lou on 13th and Walnut. They had an array of trendy accessories and I immediately noticed the Shine Project section. I’ve never heard of it before but I was attracted to the handwritten name on each of the jewelry’s paper card holder.

What is the Shine Project? 

Founder, Ashley LeMieux was a college student working at an inner city high school where she met students that didn’t have the financial resources to go to college. She raised money through her blog called the Shine Project. She was able to give away 7 scholarships. She took it one step further and started to employ the first few scholarship recipients. She taught herself to make bracelets and then taught the students and after a week they were all sold out. Students are employed by Threads by The Shine Project to craft hand made jewelry and sign their name on them. 

The Shine Project is an inspiring story whether you are a cosumer, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a student without access to education. It’s truly rewarding to wear something that reminds you that you’ve helped a student go to college. I wanted to share this organization to you and hope you decide to support them too. Learn more here.

You can shop online or check our Lou Lou boutique yourself to support to small businesses. 



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